I look forward to making suggestions for your very own website according to the current standards.

I work with CMS like WordPress and Joomla but I am always looking forward to new challenges. If your current website is running on other CMS or you haven’t yet made the move to a CMS, I look forward to assisting you.

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The Cally Hotel

Experience modern country hospitality

Stirring the Pot with Wendy

A blog about food, cooking and recipes

Aussie Wool Pellets

Organic, biodegradable, slow-release nitrogen fertiliser


Specialists in escorted travel

I.T. Support

For 25 years I’ve specialised in computer and network administration and solved small and big problems at home offices and companies with thousands of employees.

There’s no challenge too big.

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Apple Computer

Server & PCs with Microsoft OS

Tablets & Smartphones

iOS Handhelds e.g. iPads & iPhones

Windows & Android Tablets & Phones


Business & Home Networks

WiFi Networks


If it’s your Home Cinema, Media Center, Sound System or the Entertainmentsystem of your car, I can help you.

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Nothing is more refreshing than a new start

Sometimes it worth to think about starting new and fresh.
Let’s talk about a new website and the possibilities coming with it.

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I.T. Support – WebSITE design – Hosting – Music

Florian Lindemann
Owner and Director
IT Systems-Administrator and Technician

PO Box 456
Port Fairy | VIC | 3284

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